I received my dual Master's Degree in Structural Engineering and Architecture, from the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign, and worked for high profile Architecture firms, serving high profile clients like Google, Apple, Tiffany& Co, Chanel, and many others.

I gained invaluable knowledge from that time in my life, that was going to be extremely beneficial in my new business. I learnt about the rules of design, and composition, lighting, and spacial relationships, as well as listening to others, leading, collaborating, and innovating in small and large teams for the success of all our projects.

THE EXPERIENCE I offer my clients:

I offer 2 main services. One is creating commissioned Photography Art, in close collaboration with my clients, for their homes, offices, restaurants, or hotels.  

The other service is creating WHOLE DAY BEAUTY, FASHION, and/or BOUDOIR PORTRAIT EXPERIENCES for women, of all sizes, ages, and shapes.

My strong background in Architecture and Interior Design gives my style an ARTISTIC, CONTEMPORARY, FASHION-INSPIRED PORTRAITURE feel, with EXPERT MASTERY of COMPOSITION, POSING, LIGHTING, and IMAGE POST-PROCESSING.

Even more than that, I OFFER my clients an EXPERIENCE of CONNECTING to their INNER LOVE, BEAUTY, ELEGANCE, POWER, CONFIDENCE, and SUCCESS, thru the INTENTIONAL BODY POSES I teach, that are unique, and SPECIFIC to each BODY TYPE. In this way, the INNER SELF gets FREED UP for a moment, to EXPERIENCE itself in the OUTSIDE world, and you get to SEE it, and MARVEL at its MAGNIFICENCE!

I've always loved photographing women, and I've always believed in the power of a Portrait, but at first, I wasn't sure what true beauty really was.

There was a time when I too had a skewed sense of it, based on our cultural conditioning. But the moment I'd start shooting, and start looking through my camera lens, something magical would happen, and this indescribable beauty would reveal itself to me, from every woman, and I would see it, and I would just get so excited!

I've learnt that beauty always shows itself to me, independent of my client's size, age, or insecurities, and I love that! This is my gift from life, and Portraits are my gifts back to all the women out there. We are all BEAUTIFUL, truly! Let me show you in a PHOTOGRAPH!

I love to say that BEAUTY is that INTENTIONAL, ELEGANT, GRACEFUL way in which a WOMAN'S body ENGAGES SPACE, creating magical OUTLINES, and beautiful CURVES, INSPIRED by her SOUL, EMOTION, and unique PERSONALITY.

It's not about high cheek bones, or skinny bodies, eye color, or perfect complexion, proportional body parts, or high foreheads.

TRUE BEAUTY is really a FEELING OF CONNECTION to a DESIRED EMOTION, (which already lives deep inside of you), by using your body in a certain way, and so EVERY SINGLE ONE OF US HAS ACCESS TO IT! And I'm here to help you access it.

I have been blessed with SEEING BEAUTY in EVERY WOMAN that sits in front of my camera, and with the honor of SHOWING IT BACK to her in a PHOTOGRAPH. This is my GIFT FROM LIFE and I want to SHARE it with EVERY WOMAN!

Please fire off any and all questions to me at nia@thisilovestudios.com. If there is anything I can do to serve you, please just ask